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Buranda TOD (Eastern Precinct) – Logan Road, Woolloongabba


A development application has been lodged for a mixed use development, located on Gillingham Street, O’Keefe Street, Logan Road and in proximity to Buranda Train Station, in Woolloongabba.

The proposed Stage 2 development forms the vacant eastern precinct of the site, with Stage 1 being delivered on the western part of the site and forms the Buranda TOD.

Designed by Woods Bagot, the proposal seeks a mix of land uses provided within a four (4) buildings, open ground flood pedestrian plaza space supported by retail tenancies. The commercial and residential buildings are co-located on the site and will benefit from the adjacent Buranda Railway and Busway Stations.

Buildings Proposed
– ‘Garden House’ – Residential Care Facility
– ‘The Pavilion’ – Commercial Office
– ‘The Canopy’ – Rooming Accommodation (Student Accommodation)
– ‘The Terraces’ – Multiple Dwelling.

Plaza Areas
– The Boulevard
– The Verandah
– Tributary Lane
– The Urban Common.

Development Details
– Rooming Accommodation – 564 clusters (19,414sqm)
– Multiple Dwelling – 287 units (28,374sqm)
– Residential Care Facility – 130 beds (7,322sqm)
– Office (6,026sqm)
– Shop (4,189sqm)
– Landscaping (9,315sqm)

Garden House (Sub stage 5)
– 130 beds (Floors 3-7)
– communal kitchen, dining and common
– 5 tower levels
– 3 podium levels
– 7,322sqm of GFA
– 12.55% site cover
– 7 storey (approximately 41.7m high)
– 270sqm of private open space
– 22 car parks and 2 drop off spaces
– Vehicular and service access to Logan Road

The Pavilion (Sub stage 4)
– Commercial Office
– 5 tower levels
– 2 podium levels
– office lobby
– grocery tenancy
– retail tenancy
– 6,026sqm of GFA
– 9.63% site cover
– 7 storey (approximately 41.7m high)
– 82 car parks and 2 drop off spaces
– Vehicular access to Logan Road
– Service access Gillingham Street.

The Canopy (Sub stage 3)
– Rooming Accommodation (Student Accommodation)
– 23 tower levels
– 3 podium levels
– 995sqm of communal area, being:

Podium: laundry, lounges, basketball court, gym and study area
Level 15: kitchen, dining area, theatre, meeting rooms, barbeque areas
– Two layouts arrangements
– 19,414sqm of GFA

– 8.19% site cover
– 26 storey (approximately 93.5m high)
– 73 car parks spaces
– Vehicular access to Logan Road
– Service access Gillingham Street.

The Terraces (Sub stage 2)
– 287 Multiple Dwellings
– 23 tower levels (Level 5-27)
– 5 podium levels
– Ground floor retail tenancies
– Car parking on floors 2-4
– 1,561sqm of communal area, being:

Swimming pool, spa, cinema, kids play room, indoor and outdoor dining areas, outdoor lounges, gym, library, office, conference room and barbeque
– 28,374sqm of GFA

– 22.19% site cover
– 28 storey (approximately 101.5m high)
– 306 residential and 43 visitor car parks spaces
– Vehicular access to Logan Road
– Service access Gillingham Street

Stage 1
Car park works, ground level plaza and The Boulevard retail tenancies
– Excavation and construction of two levels of basement car parking
– Construction of retail spaces at Lower Ground Level
– Construction of deflection walls and protective transfer structures
– Installation of shoring and foundations for future stages
– Construction of Plaza Ground Level area structures
– Install civil infrastructure and haul road for site access.

Stage 2
The Terraces (Multiple Dwelling) and podium car parking
– Construction of the five (5) podium levels
– retail tenancies, residential lobby space, bicycle parking and loading dock
– 3 levels of podium car parking
– Construction of 23 residential levels
– Construction of the roof level (Level 28)

Stage 3
The Canopy (Rooming Accommodation)
– Construction of communal spaces and lobby at Lower Ground Level
– Construction of The Canopy (Rooming Accommodation) tower

Stage 4
The Pavilion (Commercial Office)
– Construction of communal spaces and commercial lobby
-Construction of retail tenancies at Plaza Ground Level;
– Construction of five typical commercial levels
– Construction of rooftop plant.

Stage 5
Garden House (Residential Care Facility)
– Construction of basement level and ramp at Lower Ground Level
– Construction of carpark drop off area, amenities and aged care lobby
– Construction of five levels of residential care facility units

The proposal provides 632 car parking spaces, 537 bicycle spaces in both the basement,  ground floor and podium levels across the 4 buildings. The car parking access will be from Gillingham Street, Logan Road and O’Keefe Street.

The planners at Urbis, state, “The proposed development accords with and promotes the intent of the District Centre Zone and Special Purpose Zone. The proposal is a compatible infill development that provides for greater economic activity to cater to the needs of the growing population within a Growth Node that is serviced by high-frequency public transport stations, being Buranda Railway and Busway Stations”.

“The proposal capitalises on the site’s location as a key public transport node by delivering a highly accessible mixed-use precinct comprising of student accommodation and apartment towers, as well as residential care facility, commercial and retail uses. Whilst a minor portion of the proposed Residential Care Facility traverses the land within the Transport Infrastructure Zone Precinct, this area is designated as ‘The Trail’ public realm sub-precinct”.

“The Trail includes a pedestrian boardwalk that incorporates subtropical design elements to buffer, screen and transition the development to the adjoining Buranda Railway Station. The proposed bulk and scale of the buildings contribute to the function and purpose of the Corridor zone precinct and Transport Infrastructure zone precinct, whilst considering the local character and values of the area”.

“The proposal achieves architectural excellence through incorporating climatic responsive design with a public accessible ground plane that promotes pedestrian movement through the site”.

A proposed allows for 64,308sqm of gross floor area, a 100% site coverage of the overall 13,203sqm site area of the overall 17,322sqm site area.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 13 August 2021
– Council Reference: A005806443
– Address: Gillingham Street, O’Keefe Street, Logan Road, Woolloongabba
– Zone: District Centre and Special Purpose
– Neighbourhood Plan: Eastern Corridor
– Application Report: Urbis
– Architect Drawings: Woods Bagot
– Landscape Architect: RPS Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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