1. rodney Drew
    18/02/2019 @ 1:22 am

    it’s some all over Brisbane with traffic and roads shops new business why should we miss out on having our area upgraded when other parts of Brisbane are look at Springfield lakes the lagoon everyone saying it’s best place to live we need to make Northside better so people want to live here


  2. rodney drew
    25/10/2017 @ 8:53 pm

    i been living in keperra for 30 years we need this it save driving in the traffic to stafford to bunnings and other store and business and bring then closeser make more jobs in the area


  3. Damian James
    10/05/2017 @ 6:48 am

    As a long-term Keperra resident, I completely disagree with Julie Pratt. This long-awaited project and the adjoining development together are funding upgrades to the roads and other facilities in the area, upgrades that have been needed for many years. In particular the community centre on Samford Rd, the new park and the pedestrian and cycle path on the north side of Samford Rd across the intersection with Settlement Rd are all material quality-of-life enhancements for those of us already living in the area.


  4. Julie Pratt
    03/05/2017 @ 10:12 am

    A HUGE Bunnings development which means over 360 car spaces coming to Bunnings, and who knows how many cars coming to the big development next door, PLUS further developments planned for Upper Kedron and the same old roads to service the lot!
    Brilliant planning by the BCC who are hand in glove with developers – so much for keeping some meaningful green spaces and bushland for our flora and fauna. The BCC has little regard for it’s own neighbourhood plans as usual.
    If you wanted to ruin Keppera, Upper Kedron and The Gap you couldn’t do a better job!
    The road system in these suburbs are totally inadequate for such oversized developments and are already strained in peak periods.

    I’m not against development but a smaller Bunnings and smaller sized housing developments would be more a more reasonable way to go.
    What happened to the idea of developing higher density housing near railways and public transport corridors?


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