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Build Tech & Innovation Centre – Rockhampton


The State Government will partner with Central Queensland University (CQU) to deliver an advanced Technology and Innovation Centre in Rockhampton. This is part of a strategy for regional Queensland to create jobs in mining, agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Barry O’Rouke member for Rockhampton stated that the nearly $3 million grant was good for Queensland and students in the locale. Although just a start, the new facility will educate the younger generation for careers in mining, agriculture and manufacturing with some professions not developed yet.

Kate Jones Innovation Minister joined Mr O’Rouke in praising the  project bringing a range of disciplines such as AgTech, mining, design and engineering. A more stable family life will ensue with sons and daughters and money, not heading to the big smoke but remaining locally. As it should be.

“As someone with personal connections with both the cattle industry and technology sector, I have been able to use my skills in technology to implement new-age technologies.” 

“It’s not just about training. We want this place to be a hive of activity – with entrepreneurs testing out new technology and employers coming to poach the next generation of talent,”

“This partnership with CQU will see the government link TAFE, university and high school graduates with some of the world’s leading employers”. she said.

Robots, drilling equipment and, dozers will be purchased for training the engineers, scientists and graziers of tomorrow.

Professor Klomp CQU Vice-Chancellor and President remarked “The one-stop centre will be accessible to the community, industry and schools. These types of opportunities not only support the advancement of innovative entrepreneurial practice and commercialisation opportunities but also job-creation within our communities.”

James Palmer, President of BHP Mitsubishi Alliance Asset,  said “investment in future skills in regional Queensland would support all sectors, including mining, to remain strong. A tech-driven future will wait for no-one.”

Adrien Lang‘, director of Ask Me’ Technology Consultants, whose cattle property spans five generations, said the new centre was a win-win for the cattle industry. An innovator with cattle and technology, Mr Lang has implemented the use of drones for cattle mustering.

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Media Release: State Government to build tech and innovation centre in Rocky
Images: CQ University
Images: Kate Jones Twitter account


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