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Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct & Olympic Indoor Venue – Albion


Brisbane City Council has announced the redevelopment of Crosby Park and the Albion Park Raceway, to create a 29 hectare Sports Precinct and the Brisbane Indoor and Para Sports Centre for the Olympic Games to be held in Brisbane in 2032.

Current recreation, sport and racing site.

Brisbane City Council seeks a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish one of the most accessible sporting facilities in the world while addressing the community need for indoor courts, quality open space and sporting fields in the inner north.

The master planned sports precinct seeks to improve and better utilise sporting and recreation land owned by the government. The concept will relocate metropolitan harness and greyhound racing off site and provide a new location for Brothers Rugby Union Club in proximity to the Break Creek Hotel, with the provision of a new clubhouse and 3 new fields. A large pedestrian spine will run through the middle, providing improved access to the site and venues within the precinct.

Current Albion Park Raceway
Current Brothers Rugby Club

Albion Border Oval will remain in its current location and be continually upgraded by Cricket Australia, on behalf of Queensland Cricket. The upgrades are the vision for a National Cricket Campus Masterplan, which seeks to hold more interstate and international cricket at the venue during the day and night.

Concept Precinct Plan – Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct & Olympic Indoor Venue

Key benefits
The proposed concept will deliver a number of benefits to residents, including:
– 29-hectares of premier sustainable sport and recreation facilities
– New 5-hectare Brisbane Indoor Sports and Para Sports Centre within the precinct
– Crosby Park Dog Off Leash Area and parkland to be retained
– Additional parkland space included
– New green corridor connecting Crosby Road and Breakfast Creek
– Environmentally sustainable, efficient design and underground water harvesting
– Sports field irrigation, flood resilient and potential energy generation
– Improved access and public transport connectivity
– Improved parking facilities
– Addresses community need for indoor courts and sporting fields in the inner north
– Additional capacity to meet the expansion needs of on-site sporting clubs
– Accommodating the growing interest and support of junior and women’s programs.

Concept Precinct Plan Zoomed – Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct & Olympic Indoor Venue

Concept Precinct Plan Zoomed – Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct & Olympic Indoor Venue

Brisbane Indoor and Para Sports Centre 
This proposed sports centre is sought to be a state-of-the-art landmark venue to support Brisbane’s sports and para-sports communities through active sport participation and community programs.

The new facility highlighted on the list of new venues for the 2032 Games will play host to Olympic basketball and Paralympic wheelchair basketball events, with a 12,000 person seating capacity that features 12 state-of-the-art indoor court facilities which will cater for a range of sporting codes.

Alongside a para-athlete training gym, an additional four indoor courts will be dedicated to para-sports activities. There will also be six external 3×3 basketball courts.

Accommodated Sports
– Basketball
– Wheelchair basketball
– Goalball
– Netball
– Volleyball
– Badminton 
– Training gym.

Concept – Brisbane Indoor and Para Sports Centre 

Adrian Schrinner announced the redevelopment of the existing park via Twitter.

“You’ve already heard about our vision for South Bank 2.0 and we’re just as excited about the opportunity to create a new multi-sports precinct in Albion”

Our proposal aims to create yet another #Brisbane2032 Olympic legacy, transforming an under-utilised and tired area of our city into a thriving sports precinct that will stage local, national and international sports events all year round”

“The 29-hectare Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct presents the kind of opportunity only the world’s biggest sporting event can attract, and I can’t wait to see it transform into a green sports oasis that will be used by generations of Brisbane residents”, Schrinner said.

Lord Mayor Schrinner said the Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan – which incorporates an innovative water harvesting and reclamation system – was a perfect example of a legacy project that the Brisbane2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games can deliver.

“The mayors of south east Queensland first came up with the plan to go for the Olympic and Paralympic Games because they knew the lasting legacy that can come from hosting the world’s greatest sporting event”.

“Our Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct plan can be part of that legacy by transforming an under-utilised and tired area of our city into a thriving precinct that would stage local, national and international sports events all year round”.

“An indoor venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Games is already proposed at this location”.

“I believe we should seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and turn this unique 29-hectare site into a green inner-city multi-sports oasis that could be used by future generations”.

“As far as legacies goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.”

“This is a really exciting proposal and we’ve already been working closely with the Queensland Government, Brothers Rugby and Queensland Cricket on these plans”.

“I’m confident that this could be a sports and recreation precinct we can all be proud of, one that incorporates dedicated accessible facilities at the outset while offering expanded facilities for sports that are aiming to grow their participation among women,” Lord Mayor Schrinner said.

Deputy Mayor and Civic Cabinet Chair for Economic Development and the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Krista Adams told ABC Radio Brisbane the council was moving on a “once in a lifetime” opportunity”.

“We had a look at the whole precinct and it includes some of the state government land on the paceway, our land with Brothers Rugby, Queensland Cricket there as well”.

“This concept plan involves all of those and more, puts some basketball there as well, increases the capacity for rugby and cricket, all of those sports and a future fantastic facility for para-Olympians to train” she said.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
– Media Statement: Lord Mayor and Deputy Mayor Announcements
– Location: Crosby Park, Albion
– Information: BCC Website
– Images: Supplied and from other articles

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