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Priority Development Area Update – Bowen Hills


The State Government has announced that the Priority Development Area’s (PDA) development scheme for Bowen Hills will be revised to allow further housing diversity, set a higher sustainability standard and provide substantial more communal open space for area.

Cameron Dick, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, outlined that the 108-hectare inner city area would be influenced by the updated development scheme and would guide future development.

“The original development scheme , now ten years old, has been updated to reflect contemporary planning policy, community expectations and market requirements”.

“New building heights have been established in some precincts to reflect existing approvals, and new standards of sustainability, communal space and housing diversity are also incorporated throughout the PDA”.

“The scheme for the PDA provides for the long-term growth of around 23,000 new homes and one million square metres of commercial, retail and industrial floor space to facilitate business investment and create jobs”.

“To support this growth, new walkways, cycleways and parks to promote active travel and healthy outdoor lifestyles will be incorporated into new development. These public spaces will be coupled with retail high streets, ground-level businesses and a lively entertainment district for residents and visitors to engage in work and leisure”.

“New developments in the PDA will be required to achieve best practice sustainability accreditation and demonstrate industry-leading green initiatives including electric vehicle charging and better energy, water and waste management systems”, Mr Dick said.

The revised development scheme is in response to the Australian property market and trends developing in families living in apartments, living close to the city and opting to use public open space.

“ABS data tells us that in the greater Brisbane area up to 15.5 per cent of apartment dwellers are a family with a child or children”.

“Under the revised Development Scheme, new residential developments will now provide 10 per cent of floor area with 3 or more-bedroom dwellings, providing choice for families who want to live close to jobs and public services including the new Fortitude Valley State Secondary College“.

“Communal spaces up to 80 per cent of a new development’s site area will also be a requirement for all new residential development applications within the PDA so that residents have ready access to quality facilities and outdoor areas within their own buildings”, Mr Dick said.

Grace Grace, Member for McConnel outlined that certainty for new development and community expectations in their neighbourhood will be appropriately managed.

“In 2016, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) engaged the community to share and shape the vision for development in Bowen Hills and in 2018 the community had their say on the proposed development scheme”.

“Forty-one submissions were received and after careful consideration of this feedback and with specialist advice, EDQ made refinements to the development scheme that has now been adopted to reflect community views”, Ms Grace said.

The State Government has outlined that their strategy to support population growth, employment and the Brisbane lifestyle Brisbane is captured in the revised planning amendments of the Bowen Hills PDA.

“This area is half the size of the Brisbane CBD and these changes ensure future development will deliver housing diversity, achieve best practice sustainability standards and provide generous and high-quality communal spaces”.

“The PDA provides opportunity for new development that can capitalise on significant public and private infrastructure investment in the area including the new Fortitude Valley State Secondary College, expanded health care services at the RBWH and the Herston Quarter redevelopment, the Cross River Rail at Exhibition Station and the planned Brisbane Metro”, Mr Dick said.

The Bowen Hills PDA was declared on 28 March 2008 and the development scheme came into effect on 3 July 2009, since then is has been amended on 1 April 2010 and 21 June 2019.

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Media Statement 22 June 2019
Bowen Hills PDA


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