Boutique Retail Village – Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast


A development application has been lodged for a local shopping centre, located at 22-17-2221 Gold Coast Highway and 17-19 Lavarack Road, Mermaid beach, Gold Coast.

Designed by BDA Architecture, the proposal seeks to establish a boutique local retail village that will integrate several separate architectural designed buildings that present a uniformed colour and contemporary style. The buildings will provide the local community a mix of health, food, beverage, office, dining and retail tenancies across 2 floors and rooftop.

The proposal seeks to provide a high level of building design to created a benchmark for future retail development in the area and create a new lifestyle destination at the entrance of Nobby Beach Village. The new buildings will also be positioned to the boundaries of the site and will provide a new Supermarket and Retail stores in a central local business hub. Pedestrian entrances from Gold Coast Service Road and Lavarack Road will provide access to the ground floor plaza space around the supermarket and retail.

Development Details
Ground Floor
– Supermarket (751sqm GFA)

– Retail Tenancy (180sqm GFA)
– Retail Tenancy (340sqm GFA)
– Retail Tenancy (221sqm GFA)
– Commercial Floor Lobby
– Plaza Space and Feature Stair Case
– Green Wall and landscaping
– Porte Cochere
– Basement car parking access

First Floor
– Commercial Office (781sqm GFA)
– Commercial Office (261sqm GFA)
– Commercial Office (194sqm GFA)
– Commercial Office (39sqm GFA)
– Building Void pockets
– Pedestrian common space and Feature Stair Case
– Amenities for all office spaces

Second Floor (Rooftop)
– Restaurant Tenancy (201sqm GFA) + Outdoor Dining (118sqm)
– Restaurant Tenancy (193sqm GFA) + Small Outdoor Dining Space
– Bar Tenancy (112sqm GFA) + Small Outdoor Dining Space
– Swimming Pool, Spa and poolside lounges
– Booth seating and Landscaping
– pedestrian Space and Feature Stair Case
– Amenities for all dining / bar tenancies.

The planners at Urban Planning Services, the building has been designed to address and activate streets to be inviting, social , engaging and active. At the lower levels, the design provides for wide paths for pedestrians and to allow additional space considering the sites location in the Neighbourhood Centre Zone and Nobby Beach commercial precinct. This is particularly important to provide a vibrant and engaging streetstape and for the commercial viability of the commercial tenancies on the ground level”.

Four Basement levels are provided to accommodate 219 car parking spaces (165 retail / Restaurant and 51 Commercial office), with vehicle access provides to Lavarack Road.

The proposal seeks 7,872sqm GFA in total, over the 2,406sqm development site.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
– Date Lodged: 231 July 2020
– Council Reference: MCU/2020/311
– Address: 22-17-2221 Gold Coast Highway and 17-19 Lavarack Road, Mermaid beach, Gold Coast
– Zone: Neighbourhood Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: Urban Planning Services
– Architecture Drawings: BDA Architecture
– Landscape Architect: FORM
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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