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129 Townhouses – Boundary Road and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Thornlands


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings, located at 410-426 Boundary Road and 359-405 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Thornlands.

Designed by Philip Usher Constructions, the proposal seeks one hundred and twenty nine (129) townhouses of a low-medium density nature over part of the subject site known as Stage 1. The proposal seeks a subdivision for 3 lots into 2 lots and the extension of Beveridge Road (northern property boundary).

Proposed Lot 1 – 84,130sqm (Townhouses, Roads and Wetland)
Proposed Lot 2 – 3,620sqm (Balance)

The townhouses are arranged in clusters of 1-6 building formations and have a maximum building height of 2 storey. Each dwelling is provided with private open space in the form of rear courtyards and balconies that have been positioned inward facing or away from the new private driveway.

24,265sqm to the south-east corner of the site is proposed to be dedicated to communal open space,  wetlands and bio-retention areas, allowing a 10m landscaped buffer along Boundary Road and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. Communal open space is a significant feature of the development, highlighted by a minimum 15m wide meandering pedestrian footpath and communal corridor connects informal landscaped open space with the wetland area, providing a gym, barbeque facility, turfed area and seating and patio facilities.

235 car park spaces (168 garaged residents, 23 tandem spaces, 50 visitor spaces) are provided, with driveways connecting all townhouses to the main access to Beveridge Road. No direct access is proposed to Boundary Road and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road.

The planners at Wolter Consulting Group state, “through a combination of climatic and context responsive design outcomes, including varying roof lines and pitches, outdoor living areas comprising verandas and private courtyards areas, quality building materials and articulated building alignments, the appearance of building bulk has been reduced to complement and positively contribute to the residential amenity of the local area.

The proposal seeks 4,707sqm of GFA, with a site cover of 4,175sqm (24.7%) over the 107,220sqm (10.722ha) subject site.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 11 September 2017
– Council: Redland City Council
– Council Reference: MCU17/0057
– Address: 410-426 Boundary Road and 359-405 Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, Thornlands
– Zone: Community Purposes, Open Space, Medium Density and Urban Residential
– Neighbourhood: N/A
– Town Planning Report: Wolter Consulting Group
– Design Drawings: Philip Usher Constructions
– Landscaping Report: Saunders Havill Group
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from RCC pdonline or other referenced locations.

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