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38ha Blue Heart Expansion – Mooroochy River, Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast Council has announced that an additional 38 hectares of land has been secured within the region’s Blue Heart area, located on River Road, Maroochy River in the Sunshine Coast.

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The three parcels of land will expand council’s existing Coolum Creek Environment Reserve and contribute to the approximate 433 hectares of land in public ownership within the Blue Heart area.

Further land held in partner landholdings, including the surrounding Yandina Creek Wetland (owned by Unitywater) and Coolum Creek Conservation Park (Queensland state Government).

Mark Jamieson, Sunshine Coast Council Mayor outlined that the Blue Heart Sunshine Coast was one of the most significant, long term environmental assets for our region and council’s continuing approach to maintaining this area for its intended purposes would be an enduring legacy for current and future generations.

“When I launched Blue Heart Sunshine Coast with the form 38er Minister for Environment and Unitywater on 24 July 2019, I made the point that this is yet another real action by our council and its partners to improve the sustainability of our region for generations to come – as well as providing opportunities for our community in the face of a changing climate”.

“The Blue Heart is an area of more than 5,000 hectares within the Maroochy River Catchment and everyone who has ever lived here – from the peoples of the Kabi Kabi First Nation to the landowners today – know that this area has significant environmental and natural flood plain characteristics”.

“It’s an area where responsible land and water management will showcase – and deliver – exemplary environmental, social and economic outcomes.

“Extending our landholdings within the Blue Heart, as we have done by acquiring these three properties, enables our council to create new habitat through land restoration and to plan for recreational access for the whole Sunshine Coast community”.

“These new properties will consolidate and expand the surrounding public lands and provide a connected habitat corridor for our native plants and animals to thrive – including strengthening our state and nationally recognised Maroochy-Noosa Wallum biodiversity corridor”.

“This places us well on the path to achieving our environmental objectives for this project”.

“This area may also provide opportunities to investigate and deliver water quality improvements and nutrient reduction to improve catchment, waterway and beach health as well as improving our ability to protect the Maroochy floodplain, and its intended role and function as a flood preservation area,” Mayor Jamieson said.

Blue Heart project objectives
– protect the most critical areas of the floodplain under public ownership
– establish a regionally-significant complex of wetland and floodplain ecosystems
– enhance water quality in the Maroochy River through nutrient management and sediment reduction works
– provide community and recreation opportunities through regional parkland, open space and trails
– establish new uses for existing rural and agricultural lands, including economic opportunities for landowners.

Maria Suarez, Division 9 and Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor outlined that the purchases within the Blue Heart area would be a great asset to the environment and liveability of our region.

“These lands build on the important work done already through Blue Heart Sunshine Coast, and will contribute to delivering the environmental, social and economic co-benefits the project seeks to achieve, in line with the intent of council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy”.

“This acquisition also further demonstrates council’s commitment to proactively respond to climate change and build our community’s resilience as more people choose to live in our region”.

“In time, this latest acquisition will provide opportunities to restore estuarine wetland habitat, conduct further research into water quality and develop recreation opportunities such as walking trails our community can access and enjoy”.

“Council looks forward to continuing our work with our Blue Heart partners – Unitywater and the Department of Environment and Science – to activate the public lands within the Blue Heart and deliver on the project’s objectives,” Cr Suarez said

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– Media Release: More land dedicated to research and conservation within Blue Heart
– Images: Blue Heart, Sunshine Coast
– Images: Google Streetview and Aerial

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