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Childcare Centre & Cafe – Beams Road, Carseldine


A development application has been lodged for a Childcare Centre and Cafe, located at 6 Cowie Road, Carseldine.

Designed by Creative Innovation Architects, the proposal seeks a new single storey Childcare Centre building and a custom container café pod will also operate from the site. The existing dwelling, tennis court and swimming pool will be removed to facilitate the proposal fronting both Beams Road and Cowie Road.

Development Details
– 160 children
– GFA 1,101.90sqm
– Café: 14.76sqm
– 2x Single Storey
– Linked Reception area
– shaded areas
– acoustic fencing
– 1,495.53sqm outside play area
– Open car park

Hours of Operation
– 6am and 7pm, Monday – Friday
– 9am to 2pm, Saturday – Sunday

The proposed child care centre includes an open car parking area, providing 34 car park spaces (two (2) PWD space). The proposed seeks all vehicle and pedestrian access via Cowie Road.

The planners at Saunders Havill Group state, “The subject site is well located – being centrally located between its primary Carseldine and Fitzgibbon main service area – and with frontage to major road. It benefits from a corner location whereby access to the arterial road can be avoided and introduction of non-residential traffic into a low density residential area can be minimized. The site is large and generally free of development constraints and being somewhat isolated from the broader Emerging Community zone.”.

The proposal includes 1,101.9sqm of gross floor area (GFA), with 1,317.94qm (26%) of site cover across the 5,069sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged Change 16 August 2019
– Council Reference: A005262260
– Address: 6 Cowie Road Carseldine
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Neighbourhood Plan: Bracken Ridge and district
– Application Report: Saunders Havill Group
– Landscaping Drawings: Saunders Havill Group
– Design Drawings: Creative Innovation Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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