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Archer Brewery – Newmarket Road, Wilston


A development application has been lodged for Archer Brewing for a Medium Impact Industry (Micro-Brewery) and Food and Drink Outlet, located at 278 Newmarket Road, Wilston.

Designed by Chalmers Partners the proposal seeks minor alterations to the  existing hanger style two storey building and seeks to retain the existing walls, doors and window fixtures to facilitate the micro-brewery proposal.

The proposal seeks an indoor licenced area and brew floor for local tours. The brewery equipment would be visible for patrons and aims to enhance the experience of the brewery.

Development Detals
– Brew Floor (205sqm)
– Licenced area (205sqm)
– Kitchen, storage and amenities
– Cold store
– Service lift
– Stair Access
– 12 Car Parking Spaces

Hours of Operation
– Brewing:
24 hours, 7 days of the week

– Brewpub (bar and food service):
Monday to Sunday – 10am to 12pm

The proposal provides 12 car park spaces in an open car parking area to the side of the site. Pedestrian access is provided via 2 pedestrian access locations.

The planners a  state that “The proposal seeks to utilise a well known building along Newmarket Road which had a former use as a shop.
The building is not a traditional industrial building and incorporates a number of internal features that make it difficult to use for standard industrial purposes”.

“The proposed application is ideally suited to the hanger style building not only to align with the Archer Brewing marketing logo, but also to utilise a non-standard industrial building for the purposes of retaining an industrial activity whilst utilising the remainder of the space as an associated food and drink offering”.

 The proposal maintains the existing gross floor area of the building and no changes to the existing site cover over the 1,776sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 6 July 2021
– Council Reference: A005776792
– Address: 278 Newmarket Road, Wilston
– Zone: Low Impact Industry
– Neighbourhood Plan: Ashgrove-Grange
– Application Report: Plan A Town Planning
– Design Drawings: Chalmers Partners
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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