Innovative Aquaculture Hub – Bribie Island


The Bribie Island Research Centre has been announced as the location to house a variety of aqua culture related industries and at the same time will rejuvenation of the existing buildings. The upgrade to the existing aquaculture research facility is aimed to provide an innovative and world-leading aquaculture hub to support the growing industry.

Mark Furner, Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries stated, “since I became Minister last year, I have made it my mission to actively seek opportunities to grow the aquaculture industry in Queensland”.

“We know how popular our seafood products are not only in the burgeoning Asian market, but also in hungry domestic markets down south”. “By supporting new investment in the aquaculture industry, we will see more jobs and more premium seafood being grown right here in Queensland”, Mr Furner said.

Aquaculture was a rapidly growing industry and particularly in Queensland is calculated to be worth an estimated $125 million to the state economy. The new aquaculture facility would site among the research work currently undertaken by DAF, CSIRO and the Sunshine Coast University.

Mr Furner stated, “there is significant community interest in the future use of the land and the expression of interest process will allow us to identify the outcome that maximises the benefit to the aquaculture industry and the local and Queensland economies”.

“As a result, my department will run an open, public process seeking expressions of interest from interested parties to use the land for aquaculture and related purposes, once all relevant approvals have been obtained.” Mr Furner said.

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