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Approved Community Precinct – Birkdale, Redland


The Redland City Council has announced that it has approved the Birkdale Community Precinct across a 62ha site, located at Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale.

The master planned area will provide a new community precinct, public lagoon and parklands that will restore a 150-year-old heritage-listed farm and new walking trails. Also contained within the precinct is the proposed Redlands Whitewater Centre, which is set to host 2032 Olympic water sports.

Cultural Hub – A meeting point and launching pad for all the precinct has to offer. A melting pot and learning place for ecological and cultural information.

Willards Farm (Food) Hub – With the historic Willards Farm as its centrepiece, this is where you can connect with the area’s farming heritage and where you can sample artisan produce or dine in style.

Innovation Hub – A showcase, literally, where the future of farm methodologies and techniques, agricultural technology and food production, is on display in static and interactive exhibition spaces.

Communications Hub – Anchored by the former US Army-built World War II Radio Receiving Station, this is where you can connect to the past, come to understand the bonds formed between Redlanders, Aussie troops and Allied US forces, and pay homage to their war and peace-keeping services.

Entertainment Hub – Touring artists and local performers share outdoor spaces in an ever-changing composite of community choruses, concerts, crowds and creatives. BBQs, picnic areas and tables, oversized games and outdoor movies add to the fun.

Adventure Sports Hub – Redlands Coast’s first public lagoon will be the ultimate summer destination as will the adventure playground. Nearby, the whitewater centre will be home to Olympic and Paralympic athletes and adventure enthusiasts alike with its world-class training and competition course which has flexibility for use as a swift-water rescue training and exercise venue.

Conservation Hub – Walking trails, interactive tours, wilderness experiences and education combine in a stunning showcase of ways to appreciate the valuable and protected natural habitats.

Cr Williams said the draft masterplan followed a decade of lobbying the Federal Government to secure the land for the community.

“We have been trying to secure this land so it can be preserved and enjoyed by the community, including meetings with no fewer than six Ministers and Assistant Ministers and two Prime Ministers,” Cr Williams said.

“We knew this property held exciting potential for the community and today is a red-letter day that will help us realise that potential.”

Community consultation on the next stage in the creation of Birkdale Community Precinct opens Saturday 30 April and will continue until 6 June through the project’s Your Say website as well as via two community Info Days to be held onsite on 27 and 28 May.

“This is a chance for the community to provide feedback on the concept plans for the site, which were created following community feedback last year,” Cr Williams said.

“I’m particularly excited that our young people have played a key role in shaping this draft plan and are responsible for some of the most exciting elements including the public lagoon”.

“Council has opted to include a public lagoon rather than an aquatic centre in response to feedback from the community who have been calling for a South Bank style lagoon for years”.

“Instead we will focus on upgrading the existing Cleveland aquatic centre.”

Cultural Hub

Cultural Hub – Showcases the themes of ecological and Indigenous cultural values. A central pedestrian plaza will serve as the meeting point for the broader precinct with the main pedestrian spine beginning at this Hub.

Willards Farm (Food) Hub – The iconic heritage listed Willards Farm will be restored as a fine example of a pioneer era domestic rural welling. Willards is unique, as the dairy outbuildings of milking shed, creamery, stables, water well and tank are all still intact and relatively untouched. Architecturally, Willards is also important as an example of the Queenslander subtropical farmhouse in transition from slab hut to prosperous family dwelling.

Willards Farm (Food) Hub

Innovation Hub

Innovation Hub – The future of farm techniques and food production to service a growing population. New food varieties, vertical gardens, sustainability and using smart technology like drones in farming, will be on display. Immersive experiences, virtual reality and demonstrations will educate and inspire a new generation of farmers and food processors.

Entertainment Hub

Entertainment Hub – Capable of accommodating large events such as concerts, festivals, open-air movies, public meetings, markets, performances of all kinds and art shows. With a capacity of up to 10,000 people for an outdoor standing event entertainers from a variety of backgrounds and from around the world will be attracted to perform at the precinct.

Communications Hub

Communications Hub – It is anticipated that this Hub also will have at least one new building providing a flexible and adaptable space for multi-functional educational and community uses and activities. This new building for example could encompass an innovative art gallery that provides a platform for the large Redlands creative economy. Such activities could include artists in residence, pop-up exhibitions, pro-active art and photography classes. The building may also cater for events and functions.

Recreation & Adventure Sports Hub

Recreation & Adventure Sports Hub – The whitewater facility will have a life before and beyond the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will be embedded within the Redlands Coast identity and will become a treasured place of memories for generations to come. The facility will also offer a world class training and competition venue and flexibility for emergency services swift-water rescue training and education.

Conservation Hub

Conservation Hub – a celebration of the environment and ecology that encircles and links the precinct. The Hub will have an emphasis on education with themes of wildlife and landcare represented proactively. This will include light touch and themed trails. Eco tourism opportunities of nature photography, guided trails, wilderness experiences and sculpture trails are expected for this Hub. Access to Tingalpa Creek will be provided and a canoe and kayak launch constructed.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
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