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Anaconda HQ, Retail Showrooms & Outdoor Play Areas – South Pine Road, Brendale


A development application has been lodged for the ‘Anaconda Adventure HQ’, which includes Showrooms, Outdoor Sales, Food and Drink Outlet (Cafe), Indoor Sport and Recreation, located at 383 – 385 South Pine Road, Brendale.

Designed by Buchan Group, the proposal seeks a single storey showroom building positioned along the south boundary of the site fronting South Pine Road and a two storey retail building along the western boundary fronting Old North Road.

An outdoor world that provides a MTB /ATV Track, Bike/Scooter track around a outdoor caravan and positioned beside a camping display at the endtrance to the site.

Ground Floor
First Floor

The two storey building provides retail showroom tenancies on both levels and upper level indoor sport and recreation facility. Further inclusions include a cafe with outdoor dining in proximity to a water world and nature play area.

The single storey ‘Anaconda Adventure HQ’ will provide an interactive showroom, where customers will be offered a range of shopping
experiences, activities and obtain local advice for their trips. The associated outdoor activity area designed to allow shoppers to ‘try before they buy’ when considering potential purchases.

Outdoor Adventure Water Play Area
Outdoor MTB /ATV Track and Bike/Scooter track

The proposal will use the the existing driveway entrance/exit to South Pine Road internal link to a new shared driveway to Old North Road, providing access to the land uses co-located on the site.  The new internal manoeuvring area will provide access to each new showroom.

The fencing will be demolished and the site cleared to facilitate the site redevelopment.

Development Details
– Two (2) buildings and cafe (19,835sqm)
– Building 1 (Anaconda Adventure HQ: 8,500sqm GFA)
– Building 2 (Showroom and indoor sport and recreation: 11,335sqm GFA)
– Outdoor Adventure Water Play Area
– Outdoor MTB /ATV Track
– Outdoor Bike/Scooter track
– 530 car parking spaces
– 28 bike parking
– 12 PWD spaces
– Rear loading service bay
– Internal vehicle access
– Landscaping area.

The planners at Urbis state, “Anaconda is one of the largest and one-stop-shop for all sporting and outdoor adventure retailers offering a range of camping, hiking, 4WD, water sports, cycling fishing, boating gear. The store also  Given the location of the site at a gateway to Brendale, the development adopts an innovative architectural and approach to urban design for a development of this type. Notably, the development includes an exciting façade treatments to South Pine Road and Old North Road and the provision of significant shade areas at the main building frontage, inclusive of outdoor recreational and sale areas”.

Five hundred and thirty (530) car parking spaces (twelve (12) PWD spaces) are provided via new separate entrance from South Pine Road and Old North Road.

The proposal is for 19,585sqm of gross floor area (GFA) over the 84,190sqm of the site.

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The Application Information and References
– Lodged: 24 December 2021
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Council Reference: DA/2021/5270
– Address: 383 – 385 South Pine Road, Brendale
– Zone: Industry Zone (Light Industry Precinct) and Limited
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Buchan Group
– Landscape Drawings: Place Design Group
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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