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Air Taxi Tech Hub – Petrie, Moreton Bay


Skyportz has promoted that it will construct its Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Petrie, just outside of Brisbane.

In an Australian first, a new state of the art centre will be the base of a fleet of sky taxi’s that is understood to come online before the 2032 Olympic Games and base designed to reduce personal commuting times across South East Queensland.

Concept of rooftop platforms

Skyportz carried out an investor fundraiser in 2021, with approximately  456 individuals and groups signing up to raised over $620,000, Clem Newton-Brown, chief executive of Skyportz informed the The Courier-Mail.

The ambition plan seeks to have air taxis in the sky over South East Queensland in the next 5 – 10 years and set the stand for the next century of personal travel.

Skyportz announced a transport hub north of Brisbane at the Air Taxi World Congress in London. A new technology, education and innovation priority development area in Petrie will be able to accommodate the new hub and align with the intent of the 460 ha site, that includes The Mill and former Paper Mill.

Innovation & Technology Precinct – Petrie

Clem Newton-Brown states that Skyportz will build the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence at Petrie in Moreton Bay in the next few years, as it was was deemed perfect because it was suitable for helicopter activity and the technology to support the new type of aircraft would not be available yet.

“We have not announced any further sites yet as we are going to use this first test site to assess the level of community and political support for a broader network.”

”We’re seeing this as a base but what we’re wanting to do if we get the support of the Queensland government, is we are interested in establishing Skyportz in other locations from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast to create the world’s first electric air taxi ecosystem.”

“The Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast corridor is a perfect geographic area to create a world leading ecosystem for clean, green electric air taxis.”

“There is no jurisdiction in the world that has played out a regulatory, planning and zoning regime to enable air taxi networks. The first city that does this will see massive investment from this multi trillion dollar industry which is emerging globally. Queensland has an opportunity to be one of the first cities in the world if we get the support from Government to facilitate it.”

“Prior to then the site will be used for helicopters, subject to approvals.”

“We are working with a number of different aircraft, including a commitment with the USA based to help launch their aircraft in Australia”. model

Aircraft landing space is the deciding factor, as it needs to be situated where people wanted to travel and the SEQ air taxi ecosystem were dependant on securing these locations.

“We are hopeful the Queensland government will take this opportunity which will turbo charge investment into the state because nowhere in the world has a jurisdiction set down regulations for advanced air mobility for air taxis.”

“We think that the Olympics is a great opportunity to get this established as part of the Olympic infrastructure program to incorporate air taxi landing sites given the venues are quite dispersed compared to other Olympic cities. We see this as being a way that people can catch the 100m final and then get to the swimming pool for the next race they want to see.”

Skyportz was hoping the Queensland government adopt the idea and the  Steven Miles, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning has been requested to comment on the proposal.

Concept Image – Skyportz Australian Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

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