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Partial Building Demolition – Broadway Hotel, Woolloongabba


A development application has been lodged for the demolition of the existing outbuildings associated with the Broadway Hotel, located at 44 Balaclava Street, 85 & 93 Logan Road, Woolloongabba.

Structural engineers Neil McKenzie & Associates and HAL Architects, have prepared details of the demolition, which includes all existing buildings and associated structures on site with the exception of the three storey existing hotel building. The development is sought to remove further degradation of the heritage building and is considered to be a logical first step in the restoration of the Broadway Hotel.

A future development application proposal to restore the three storey hotel building and redevelop the remainder of the site as a mixed use development will be lodged at a later date.

Proposed Demolition
– Single storey wing
– Two storey wing
– Air raid shelter
– Rear two storey pavilion
– Rear  terrace bar
– Rear storage buildings
– Rear stage and sail structure
– Ground floor deck to the Logan Road frontage.

The propose removal of building components and structures will secure the site and allow transparent perimeter fencing to be erected. All window and door openings in the hotel building will be securely boarded up and result in substantial improvement to the condition of the hotel structure.

Air Raid Shelter
– The roof  is structurally unsound and not feasible to be repaired
– The Air Raid Shelter should be demolished
– Access should be closed off immediately due to risk of collapse.

Ground Floor – Proposed Demolition

First Floor – Proposed Demolition

Single Storey Wing
– In poor state of repair
– Roof sheeting in poor condition and needing replacement
– Floor slab is out of level and needs to be replaced or levelled
– Structural timber framing need to be inspected for re-use, weathering and termite activity.

Two Storey Wing
– In a very poor state of repair
– Demolition of the structure is recommended
– Roof framing damaged as a result of weathering, fire and termites
– Floor framing damaged as a result of weathering, fire, possible termite
– Roof cladding needs to be replaced including flashings
– Internal side verandah has collapsed
– Rear verandah rotted out and needs to be replaced
– Floor slab is out of level and needs to be replaced or levelled
– Outbuilding access should be immediately closed off (workplace health and safety risk).

David Carter, (Heritage Architect) prepared a  Heritage Impact Assessment Report that outlines “Only buildings of minor heritage significance or which are structurally unsound are proposed to be demolished. They have undergone many alterations and are in poor condition. Restoration is not justified or practical due to a lack of evidence of their former state. Their removal is not considered to have a significant impact on the heritage values of the place”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 16 March 2020
– Council Reference: A005417257
– Address: 44 Balaclava Street, 85 & 93 Logan Road, Woolloongabba
– Zone: MU1 Mixed Use (Inner City)
– Neighbourhood Plan: Woolloongabba Centre
– Town Planning Report: HAL Architects
– Architecture Drawings: HAL Architects
– Hertage Report: David Carter
– Structureal Engineer: Neil McKenzie & Associates
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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