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Catholic Church & Childcare Centre – Bunya Street, Greenslopes


A development application for the redevelopment of St Maroun’s Maronite Catholic Church has been lodged, for a new Place of Worship (Church), Hall and Childcare Centre, located at 33 Bunya Street, 34 Peach Street and 68 to 80 Dunellan Street, Greenslopes.

Designed by HAL Architects, the proposal is for a new church with a maximum building height of two (2) storey (generally under 9.5m in height – though the bell tower will stand higher). A single storey hall is also proposed beside the church and a single storey childcare centre is proposed on the lower ground level positioned to the rear of the site.

A pedestrian plaza will be provided between the proposed church and hall on the ground level, with lift and stair access proposed to the under croft car park and childcare centre. The existing church, hall, dwelling will be demolished to facilitate the development.

Development Details
– Church auditorium (544sqm)
– Multi-Purpose Hall (437sqm)
– Childcare Centre (524sqm)

– Alter 1 and 2
– Seating Area (340sqm)
– Vestry and Sacristy
– Baby Room
– Office and meeting room
– Stairs to choir area (first floor)
– 3 entrances
– Under-croft car park

Hours of Operation
10am to 12pm (100 attendees) on Sunday
6pm to 8pm (30 attendees) on Sunday
5pm to 7pm (10 attendees) Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

Childcare Centre
– 80 children
– GFA 524sqm
– Covered outdoor areas
– Single storey
– Acoustic walls/fences
– Large outdoor play areas
– Landscaped boundaries
– Under-croft car park

Hours of Operation
– Opening hours 6:30am-7pm Monday to Friday

– Kitchen
– Storage
– Outdoor sitting area
– Large multi purpose space
– Under-croft car park

According to the planners at HAL Architects, “the proposed design is considered to reflect a built form outcome that is compatible and integrates with the intent of the Character Residential Zone. Specifically, the development proposes a built form of one (1) storey and below 9.5m above the natural ground line. Accordingly, the proposal is considered generally compliant with built form of the Character Residential Zone Code.”

The proposed redevelopment includes an under-croft car parking area, providing 51 car park spaces (2 staff, two (2) PWD  space balance visitor parking). The proposed seeks a drop off access for vehicle and pedestrian access to Bunya Street and the under croft car parking access from Dunellan Street. The three remaining dwellings will retain their access.

The proposal includes 1506.46sqm of gross floor area (GFA) across the 3646.39sqm site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 16 March 2020
– Council Reference: A005412755
– Address: 33 Bunya Street, 34 Peach Street and 68 to 80 Dunellan Street, Greenslopes
– Zone: Character Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Coorparoo and District
– Town Planning Report: HAL Architects
– Architecture Drawings: HAL Architects
– Landscape Design: HAL Architects
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.


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