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95 Lot Subdivision – Kinross Road, Thornlands


A development application has been approved for Reconfiguration of a Lot, located at 98 Kinross Road, Thornlands.

Designed by Kevin Holt Consulting, this proposal is for ninety five (95) residential lots, 2x balance lots and new local roads that will redevelopment the vacant land to facilitate the development over 2 stages.

Two balance lots have been provided to provide a park and retain a dense vegetated portion of the property:
– Lot 900 (5.644 ha of Retained Vegetation)
– Lot 901 (4,658sqm of Park and Open Space)

The proposal seeks to produce lots ranging from 325sqm to 758sqm in area within a subdivision layout consisting of small to large lots and rear lots surrounded by adjoining residential allotments. The development lot mix is as follows.

Subdivision Details
Lots 300-400sqm – x63 Lots
Lots 400-500sqm – x19 Lots
Lots 500-600sqm – x8 Lots
Lots More than 600sqm – x2 Lots
Lots More than 700sqm – x3 Lots

The proposal includes the extension of Lewis Street and Water Drive and connect to the two existing residential areas. The local road will separate the new Lot 900 (5.64ha) and Lot 901 (4,658sqm of Park) which will be rehabilitated.

The planers at Urbicus state, “the proposal provides for a range of lot sizes that deliver a variety of housing stock, including housing types that are not available within the immediate area. The smaller lot product will provide  residential accommodation at a price point below that of larger lots improved by large, detached dwellings and will therefore improve housing affordability”.

The proposal seeks to create 95 new lots, road, park and rehibiltation area on the 114,760sqm development site.

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The Application n Information and References
– Date Lodged: 30 June 2021
– Council: Redlands City Council
– Council Reference: RAL21/0074
– Address: 98 Kinross Road, Thornlands
– Zone: Low-medium Density Residential and Recreation & Open Space
– Neighbourhood Plan: NA
– Town Planning Report: Urbicus
– Drawings: Kevin Holt Consulting
– Landscape Design: ASdesign
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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