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$92 Million Superyacht Facility – Rivergate Marina and Shipyard, Murarrie


A development application has been lodged by Rivergate to establish a new Superyacht Refit Centre and expand the existing Rivergate Marina and Shipyard, located at 7 Rivergate Place, Murarrie.

Existing Ship Refit Shed

Designed by Group 4 Architects, the proposal seeks to install a $35 Million ship lift rig platform in the Brisbane River with mobile transporter and $57 million in supporting and associated infrastructure for the facility over 2 development stages.

The proposed marine industry includes a range of development uses (dredging, boat maintenance, office, café and short term accommodation for staff) for the new superyacht facility to operate in and out of the water.

The proposal seeks a five storey building (20.95m maximum building height) to accommodated a café and marine offices on the ground floor, with two levels of project offices, two levels of accommodation and communal area (including gym, swimming pool, cinema, library and meeting rooms) above.

The proposed three single storey superyacht sheds (35m maximum building height) together form one building.

Ultimate Site Layout

Trace Centre – Office, Cafe and Short Term Accommodation
Three Superyacht Refit Sheds

The proposal seeks the creation of a new industry hub for Australia, servicing international and domestic superyachts, commercial vessels, micro cruise ships and defence (arafura-class offshore patrol boats).

The proposal will redevelopment the eastern portion of the site, replacing the existing marina office, relocating the car park and removing several mooring berths to facilitate the expansion of the superyacht facility.

The proposed trade centre building will be positioned to the along the ferry walk in proximity to the demolished office fronting the Brisbane River.

The three (3) large superyacht refit and boat building sheds are positioned fronting Rivergate Place allowing for internal manoeuvring around the site to access the new ship lift within the Brisbane Rover and on site storage.

Size Comparison: Superyacht, 5 Storey Trade Centre and Refit Facilities

Development Details
– New state-of-the-art lift for vessels between 50m and 90m, weighing up to 3,000 tonnes
– Capacity for 8 to 12 superyachts
– Defence capability including the new Arafura-Class Offshore patrol boats
– 3 large superyacht refit and boat building sheds
– 3 new in-water Superyacht berths
– Crew facilities and new food and beverage services
– Training facilities
– Business lounge, trade workshops and offices.

Stages of Development
– Stage 1: River ship lift platform, land-based hardstand area (no sheds), temporary parking area
– Stage 2: Ship refit sheds, additional parking area of drainage channel.

The planners at Urbis state, “The proposal represents an unprecedented development outcome to the Brisbane economy and presents opportunity to generate tourism activity upon completion and when global COVID-19 restrictions ease. Ecological impacts are have been reviewed and mitigation measures have been identified to minimise environmental impacts to the Brisbane River. The proposal creates a consolidated development with compatible of uses relating to the marine facility which will be known to be the one-of-a-kind in the Asia Pacific Region”.

126 car parking spaces are proposed across the site with the access locations retained from Queensport Road North and a new access from Paringa Road.

The proposal is 3,918sqm of GFA (Sheds 1 – 3 varying in size from 900sqm, 12,96sqm and 1,722qm), with 23,868sqm (28.5%) site cover over the 83,634sqm subject site.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 14 October 2020
– Council Reference: A005569424 
– Address: 7 Rivergate Place, Murarrie
– Zone: Industry (General Industry C)
– Neighbourhood: Hemmant – Lytton
– Application Report: Urbis
– Design Drawings: Group 4 Architects
– Landscape Drawings: Citicene
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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