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91 Storey Tower for 240 Margaret Street, Brisbane City


The development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwelling and Centre Activities (Food and Drink Outlet, Office and Shop), located at 240 Margaret Street, Brisbane City.

Designed by Cox Rayner Architects, the proposal is a large mixed use development comprising retail space and residential lobby at ground level, commercial spaces within the podium levels, seven hundred and eighty three (783) high density residential dwellings units within the tower, communal recreation decks within the tower, and basement and podium level car parking. The existing six (6) storey commercial office building and associated driveway and landscaping areas will be demolished as part of this development.

The proposed development comprises the following elements:

– 91 storey mixed use development, comprising six (6) basement levels, five (5) podium levels (including ground level) and 86 tower levels

– The ground level and within the podium has a variable setback to Margaret Street, which includes 720sqm of retail and commercial floor space built to the street frontage, a residential foyer and vehicle access point

– Three (3) commercial spaces at podium level 3, 4 and 5 oriented to the street with glazing across the frontage to encourage activation; and

– Communal recreation deck on level 6 (Podium rooftop) provides a communal recreation area, which includes landscaping, pool, spa, outdoor lounge and dining areas, indoor gym, yoga studio, games room and an indoor dining room.

– Communal recreation decks on level 30, 49 and 83 provide outdoor kitchen, pool, spa, planting and lounge areas

– Total the development provides 2,298.6m2 of communal recreation space

– The proposed development has a total gross floor area of 61,252m2.

– Maximum building height of 91 storey building, comprising a 5 storey podium and 86 storey tower above equalling a maximum height of 274m

– The proposed vehicle access is via the entrance provided from Margaret Street,

– 244 car parking spaces and six (6) motorcycle parking spaces have bene provided for residents and visitors within the basement and podium levels accommodated by a total of 979 bicycle spaces

– Feature paving for ground floor plaza entrances and building entrance.

– Hanging landscape elements to the ground floor soffit.

– Planters at podium levels containing cascading plants.

– Retained and additional street trees, new pavement and planters at ground level.

– Total site area: 1,715sqm

– Transferable sites area: 217sqm

– 868sqm of site cover

– Tower is 60,430sqm of GFA and 822sqm in the Podium

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Development unit mix

– One hundred and seventy seven (177) × 1 bedroom units,

– Five hundred and forty four (544) × 2 bedroom units,

– Sixty (60) × 3 bedroom units, and

– Two (2) × 4 bedroom unit.

Cox Rayner Architects outlines, the unique landmark is inspired by the concept of water as the “tower appears like a column of water rippling from the intensified top radiating down to the podium. The Podium the counterpoint, a robust stone and masonry articulation anchoring the tower to the site. The conceptual abstraction of the natural context allows the fluid form of the proposal to respond to the neighbouring buildings by using the geometry to create shifting perspectives and spaces between.

RPS Group have proposed a unique landscape design for the users in the building and at Margaret Street, stating the vision will be “the landscape will be responsive to the scale and context by providing continuity through urban sanctuaries located within the sky gardens and recreation spaces. These subtropical breathing spaces will take full advantage of city views whilst providing areas of respite for the residents”.

According to the planners at Cardno HRP, “the position of the building having regard to the existing and emerging adjoining buildings is consistent with the form and character intent of the City Centre for high density tower development, is located to enable residential amenity to the buildings, enables visual privacy due to shape and orientation, and does not impact on future development potential of adjoining sites. The proposed podium comprises an appropriate response to the site by providing a podium design that is well activated by retail and commercial uses to the street frontage, and design elements that create visual interest at and above street level. The proposed units will have good access to private and communal open space that satisfy resident needs, and that are functional and attractive. Residents will have a high degree of exposure to daylight through glazing (and balconies where provided on lower levels), and the design allows for casual surveillance of nearby public spaces”.


The application seeks to provide a unique land mark design, in one of the tallest building proposal in a prominent location within the Brisbane CBD. The building is a match to another adjacent tower which is currently being redeveloped.

The application was lodged 24 February 2016 @ 240 Margaret Street, Brisbane City. Source: Report was prepared by Cardno HRP:, Landscape Design prepared by RPS Group: Drawings and Architectural report prepared by Cox Rayner Architects: All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council ref: A004329531 for more information.

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