Construction Starts on $8.5 Million Macleay Island Foreshore Precinct Upgrade


Construction has commenced on a series of marine infrastructure at the Macleay Island foreshore.

Designed by the private industry, the Macleay Island foreshore will be improved by a series of projects over the a 12 month period, which includes a new seawall and sealed car park, associated road works and marine infrastructure, a new two-lane recreational boat ramp, a third lane for a future floating walkway and access stairs.

Approved by the Stage Government in October 2016, the joint State and Council project was boosted by a $1.9 million commitment from the Marine Infrastructure Fund to include a new recreational boat ramp into the project.

Project Details
– New seawall and sealed car park
– Associated road works and marine infrastructure
– New two-lane recreational boat ramp
– Third lane for a future floating walkway, and access stairs
– 178 parking bays, improved drop-off zone and safer vehicle access.
– improved vegetation on the slope,  mulched, fenced and sign

New Car Parking
– 122 car parks
– 12 disabled car parks
– 26 car-trailer parks
– 8 motorcycle parks
– 8 loading bays
– 1 Taxi and
– 1 Emergency vehicle bay

Council in 2007, completed a major clean-up of the Macleay Island foreshore, improving the environment and completed a remediation over a major part of the site.

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Council Update August 2017
Council Update 2016
View the site plan for the Macleay Island carpark

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