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Refurbishments to Existing Building – 84 Queen Street, Brisbane City


A development application has been lodged for Centre Actives (Food, Drink, Office and Shop) in a refurbishment of the existing building, located at 84 Queen Street, Brisbane City.

Designed by Thomson Adsett, the proposal seeks to refurbish the entire 5 storey building and enhance the visual appeal of the building’s façade, improving the amenity and activating the Queen Street frontage.

Basement (Burnett Lane Restaurant)
The basement includes a restaurant internal fitted out, with the entrance presented to Burnett Lane and will not result in an increase in GFA.

Ground Floor
The proposed bank (office) use on the Ground Floor, will provide an interaction and activation along this section of Queen Street.

Levels – 1- 4
Internal building work and fitouts will be carried out for Office or Shop purposes, with large voids created on Level 1 and 3 to assist in the illusion of height, when viewed from Queen Street. A new cantilever awning will be installed from level 2 over the pedestrian footpath on Queens Street Mall below to improve the street front activation in Brisbane’s climate.

Level 5 (Rooftop)
A new large open air terrace area function space will be provided on the rooftop of the existing building and used as an ancillary recreational space for the Office use in the building.

The planners at Planning Initiatives, state that “this type of development is considered to be consistent with the intent of development within the Retail Precinct of the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan area as it will encourage activation and pedestrian friendly frontages along Queen Street, thereby reinforcing to shoppers and tourists that this area is a major specialist retailing, service and entertainment location“.

“The proposed awning and façade works to the buildings Queen Street Mall elevation will provide for a built form that maintains a high level of public amenity and improves the perception of permeable ground storeys within the Retail Precinct of the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan area”.


Adjoining Heritage building

The internal fit out and improved façade on the existing building is unique and does not replicate the façade of the adjoining heritable listed building. The work seeks to not impair the visible attributes identified as significant in the heritage citation of the heritage place.

The proposed development seeks to retain 2,327.5sqm of GFA, with no change to the site cover over the 516sqm site.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 12 October 2017
– Council: Brisbane City Council
– Council Reference: A004765459
– Address: 84 Queen Street, Brisbane City
– Zone: Principal Centre (City Centre)
– Neighbourhood Plan: City Centre (Retail  Precinct)
– Application Report: Planning Initiatives
– Design Drawings: Thomson Adsett

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.

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