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$70 Million Mental Health Expansion – Cairns Hospital


The State Government has announced a new $70 million mental health unit is under construction with the expansion of Cairns Hospital.

Yvette D’Ath, Health Minister outlined that new three-storey building, including a 10-bed Mental Health Intensive Care unit, was part of an ongoing expansion of Cairns Hospital.

Minister D’Ath said the new three-storey building, including a 10-bed Mental Health Intensive Care unit, was part of an ongoing expansion of Cairns Hospital.

“Mental health issues affect one in four people in our community, which underlines the importance of this new facility for Cairns and the Far North”.

“It represents $70 million worth of investment and marks an important upgrade of local acute mental health services”.

“Staff and service users, including patients and their families, were extensively consulted in the design of the new mental health unit”

“The end result will be a new purpose-built facility providing a modern and therapeutic environment to help the recovery of mental health patients”.

“I want to thank the Member for Cairns Michael Healy for his tireless advocacy for this expansion of acute mental health services in the local community,” the Minister said.

Michael Healy, Member for Cairns outlined the new mental health unit at Cairns Hospital would cater to increasing demand for local mental health services.

“Local patients and families have long been campaigning for improved mental health services and that’s what we’re delivering”.

“This new facility will provide a more flexible response to acute mental health needs in a supportive environment”.

“This is also an important infrastructure project for the Cairns economy, creating nearly 70 full-time equivalent jobs over the life of the project,” Mr Healy said.

Project Details
– A 10-bed Mental Health Intensive Care unit
– 38 beds across two adult acute Mental Health Inpatient Units
– 5 extra beds (built into the two units)
– $70 million construction cost

While construction is underway, patients will continue to receive the mental health care they need in the existing Cairns Hospital.

Works are programmed to be complete by the end of 2023, with the facility becoming operational early in 2024.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– Media Release: Construction on new Cairns mental health unit gets underway
– Address: Cairns Hospital
Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

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