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70 Lot Subdivision – Rochedale Road, Rochedale


A development application has been lodged to Reconfigure a Lot, located at 487 Rochedale Road, Rochedale.

Designed by Wolter Consulting Group, this proposal is for seventy (70) residential lots and new local roads that will redevelopment the dwelling, structures and farming fields to facilitate the development over 2 stages.

Development Details
– Stage 1: 18 residential lots, roads, pedestrian pathway and new intersection
– Stage 2: 52 residential lots, bio basin (2,097sqm), roads, pedestrian pathway and new intersection

The proposal seeks to produce lots ranging from 308sqm to 551sqm in area within the subdivision layout consisting of small to large lots and a new local road that connects the adjoining residential allotments. The proposal includes the extension to surrounding properties and a new local road that will separate the new Lot 900 (2,097ha).

The planners at Wolter Consulting Group state, “The proposed reconfiguration will seek to
support 70 new residential lots accompanied by a road network that has the ability to connect to the established subdivision that has occurred to the south and the likely future subdivision of the land parcels to the north and west. The lots generally resemble lot designs already established within the arise estate to the south; however, adopts a greater mix of smaller lots as commensurate with the Low-medium density sub-precinct within which approximately one third of the site is situated. The development is staged to
allow for efficient construction and engineering outcome”.

The proposal seeks to create 70 new lots, roads, and bio-retention space on the 6.3612ha development site.

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The Application, Information and References
– Date Lodged: 2 March 2022
– Council Reference: A005958748
– Address: 487 Gardner Road Rochedale
– Zone: Emerging Community
– Neighbourhood Plan: Rochedale Urban Community
– Town Planning Report: Wolter Consulting Group
– Drawings: Wolter Consulting Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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