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Childcare Centre – 689 Waterworks Road & 6 Greenlanes Road, The Gap


A development application has been lodged for a Child Care Centre, located 689 Waterworks Road and 6 Greenlanes Road, The Gap.

Designed by Local Office Architecture, the proposal is for a Child Care Centre, with a maximum building height of 2 storeys (8.1m in height). The proposal is within a Low Density Residential zone and will remove the 2 single dwellings to facilitate the development.

Development Details
– 121 children 21 staff
– GFA 829.3sqm
– 2 External play areas
– 2 Storey
– Boundary screening
– Acoustic fencing
– Internal elevator  from basement
– Landscaping

The proposed child care service seeks to operate from 6am to 7pm (Monday to Friday) every day of the year.

25 car parking spaces (including one PWD) are provided within the basement with vehicle access is proposed to Greenlanes Road. Pedestrian access is provided from Waterworks Road and from the basement car parking.

The planners at Zone Planning Group, state the proposed development has been designed to complement the variable building character of the surrounding area which comprises a mix of residential and non-residential uses. The development presents an attractive, articulated facade to both street frontages, utilising a large range of building materials, colours and finishes to create visual interest from each elevation. The building form itself is heavily varied and utilises a series of deep recesses smaller building elements to further reduce the appearance of bulk and scale”

The proposal includes 829.3sqm of GFA, a total site cover of 1,070.2sqm (64.9%) over the 1,644sqm site.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 6 October 2017
– Council Reference: A004761547
– Address: 689 Waterworks Road & 6 Greenlanes Road, The Gap
– Zone: Low Density Residential
– Neighbourhood Plan: Ashgrove-Grange District
– Application Report: Zone Planning Group
– Design Drawings: Local Office Architecture
– Landscape Design: Green Synthesis Design

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from BCC pdonline or other referenced locations.

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