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Toowong Preferred Site – $65 Million State Primary School


The State Government has announced Brisbane’s new inner-west state primary school, will be located on the corner of Gailey Road and Heroes Avenue in Toowong. The perfered site location is within the Perrin Park Precinct (Perrin Park and Toowong Bowls Club).

The school site was chosen to ease enrolments and the location in proximity to Indooroopilly, Ironside and Toowong state schools. The prefered location is now earmarked for Queensland’s first vertical state primary school to cater to Brisbane’s growing inner west suburbs.

Former Toowong Bowls Club

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Queensland, outlined that the school is one of 14 new schools her government is delivering over the next three years which is a $1.2 billion investment.

“This school is more than $90 million in investment and will create 200 jobs”.

“Identifying a preferred site is a significant step toward the delivery of a new primary school that will provide children in Brisbane’s inner west with the chance to reach their full potential in a world-class education facility.

“The former Toowong Bowls Club site is a great location for an innovative vertical school design that integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, maximising available land to provide capacity for up to 900 students when Stage 1 and 2 are delivered.

“Building upward instead of outward, helps to alleviate the need for large school sites while complementing the surrounding urban environment,” the Premier said.

Grace Grace, Minister for Education outlined that two rounds of community consultation and significant studies into local traffic, flooding, geotechnical and ecological mitigations had informed the identification of the preferred site.

“The Department of Education is committed to liaising with stakeholders to progress the development of this school site, including Brisbane City Council and the local community, as the project advances to ensure the new school contributes to, and is supported by the local community”.

“Further community consultation will take place in 2022 as the master plan and design of the new school advance” Minister Grace said.

With a flying-fox colony located nearby in Perrin Park, the Department of Education will work with the Commonwealth government to ensure the delivery of the new school does not impact the health of the colony”

Innovative construction methods and management actions will be employed to safeguard the colony.

While delivery of the school for 2024 remains a priority for the Department of Education, so is the preservation of wildlife in the surrounding area and the staging of construction may need to be remodelled to accommodate all interests.

Project Status
– The project is in the planning phase.
– 10 months of consultation and site investigations
– Identified a preferred site for the school
– Planning, acquisition and approval processes are in progress.

Next Steps
– Reports on project impacts on the new site are being considered.
– Community consultation for the master plan of the new school in 2022
– Finalise school design.

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