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$481 Million Bruce Highway Upgrade – Edmonton to Gordonvale, Cairns


The Queensland State Government has announced that works has commenced on the Stage 3 of the Cairns Southern Access Corridor project. The $481m Bruce Higheway upgrade runs from Edmonton to Gordonvale and is the biggest road upgrade in North Queensland’s

Mark Bailey, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, Warren Entsch,  Federal Member for Leichhardt together with Curtis Pitt, State Member for Mulgrave attended the start of the works, which will increase the capacity of the  busiest two-lane sections of the Bruce Highway.

Mark Bailey outlined that the project would provide a number of at-grade level crossings removed, a new overpass south of Maitland Road and a brand new alignment for the highway.

“Investing in Queensland infrastructure means creating Queensland jobs, as we unite and recover from COVID-19,” 

“It’s part of a $1.45 billion roads and transport program for the Far North, that includes the jointly funded $104 million Cairns Southern Access Stage 4 – Kate Street to Aumuller Street project and the $164 million Smithfield Bypass.

“Thanks to Queensland’s strong response to the pandemic, the Queensland Government has been able to continue delivering our record $23 billion pipeline of road and transport projects – crucial to stimulating our economic recovery.” Mr Bailey said.



Warren Entsch outlined that this is an investment in big infrastructure projects and will support growth in Far North Queensland.

“Cairns in a great place to live, be active and explore, so it is fantastic this project will also deliver a dedicated cycleway,” Mr Entsch said.

“All stages in the Cairns Southern Access Corridor upgrades are delivering a dedicated cycleway and when complete, cyclists will be able to safely ride all the way from Gordonvale into the heart of the Cairns CBD.” Mr Entsch said.

Curtis Pitt, outlined that the 10.5km upgrade would be welcome news for growing communities in Cairns’ south and the region’s $9.6 billion economy.

“When the first sod is turned on a project of this scale, it signals a way forward and creates economic benefits for the whole community,” Mr Pitt said.

“Together with projects like the $127 million Cairns Shipping Development and Kate Street to Aumuller Street project, we’re strengthening supply chains, bolstering the economy and supporting more than 1,000 jobs.” Mr Pitt said.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development outlined that this project will deliver key infrastructure, which will support jobs and boost the economy, particularly in this regional area.

“The southern suburbs of Cairns are growing fast and that is why the Australian Government has committed more than $840 million towards upgrading the Cairns Southern Access Corridor from Gordonvale to Cairns CBD,” 

“Not only will this project duplicate the highway, it will also deliver new service roads and partially close several intersections and direct accesses to the existing highway. This will improve traffic flow, increase the speed limit to 100 kilometres per hour and create a safer and more efficient Bruce Highway for the future.” Mr McCormack said.

Early works will involve removing vegetation and demolishing structures in the project corridor along the highway as well establishing a site office near Kern Street at Gordonvale.



Project Details
– duplication of all existing 2-lane sections of the Bruce Highway between Edmonton and Gordonvale to 4-lanes
– a new alignment for the Bruce Highway to the eastern side of the existing highway between Petersen Road and Warner Road
– a new signalised intersection at Petersen Road and upgraded signalised intersections at Draper Road and Riverstone Road
– new service roads that remove local trips from the highway
– realignment and upgrade of over 4.7km of the Queensland Rail North Coast Line to accommodate the duplicated highway
– removal of multiple at grade rail crossings and upgrade of boom gates at other crossings
– new road and rail bridges at Wrights Creek and Stoney Creek
– new Bruce Highway road overpass south of Maitland Road
– relocation of existing cane rail lines at locations to accommodate the duplicated highway
– a dedicated off-road high-speed cycleway from Riverstone Road to the north of Collinson Creek to tie into the existing cycleway at Thompson Road
– a new cycleway bridge at Collinson Creek and the re-use of existing rail bridges for the cycleway at Wrights Creek and Stoney Creek.

Project Timeframe
– July 2020 – Commencement of works
– August 2020 – Changed traffic conditions
– June 2023 – expected project completion

– $381.81 million committing Australian Government
– $92.19 million committing Queensland Government

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
All article information is sourced and available for review from referenced locations.
– Media Release: Lock it in, Edmonton to Gordonvale: works start on $481m Bruce upgrade
– Images: DTMR Sustainability Policy
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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