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48 Residential Lots & Park (Stage 2 – PDA) – Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Oxley


A development application has been lodged for a residential subdivision, park and conservation area (stage two) over the Oxley Priority Development Area (PDA), located at 53 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road and 113 Cliveden Avenue, Oxley.

Public consultation regarding Stage 1 and Masterplan was approved over the the former Oxley Secondary College on 9 December 2020, since the PDA was established.

Designed by Place Design Group the proposal seeks a Reconfiguration of a Lot (2 lots into 48 Lots, one public park lot, one public open space lot, one open space reserve lot, one conservation open space lot and new roads)  over stages 2a – 2d of the overall master plan redevelopment and will provides lots ranging from 287sqm – 865sqm.

Layout Plan

The proposal includes the removal of the existing C&K Yuingi Community Childcare Centre and driveways to facilitate the subdivision. A new childcare centre building situated on a flood free lot will be provided between October 2022 and January 2023 for the relocation. of the centre.

Subdivision Stages
Stage 2A
– 40 Residential allotments
– public open space lot
– open space reserve lot
– new road

Stage 2B
– Public Recreational Park Part 2 (Part 1 approved in DEV2020/1099)
– 1.8ha in area
– shelters and kick around area

Stage 2C
– Conservation lot
– 3.45ha in area
– connections to external corridors
– informal minor tracks and trails
– rehabilitation works (weed management and planting)

Stage 2D
– 8 Residential allotments
– new road

Stage 2A – New Allotments

The planners at RPS Group state, “Stage 2 of the Oxley PDA will deliver the final stage of residential allotments that are located within walking distance to Oxley train station. Additionally, the site is situated adjoining Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, which has available and accessible bus routes and connections. The development will also deliver a public local park and preserve the ecological functions of the site through an open space lot that will enhance the liveability of future dwelling houses within the estate”.

Landscape Plan

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The Application Information and References
– Visit to enquire about property sales in this development
– Date Lodged: 25 June 2021
– Council: Brisbane City Council
– EDQ Reference: DEV2021/1191
– Address: 53 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road and 113 Cliveden Avenue, Oxley.
– Zone: Environmental protection, Open space and recreation and Community
– Local Plan: Oxley Priority Development Area
– Application Report: RPS Group
– Subdivision Plan: Place Design Group
– Landscape Plans:  Place Design Group
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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