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29 Multiple Dwellings – 67 Landis Street and Hughes Street, McDowall


A development application has been recently lodged for Reconfiguration of a lot and Multiple Dwellings, located 67 Landis Street and Hughes Street, McDowall.

Designed by WG Architects, the proposal seeks to provide twenty nine (29) x 4 bedroom, Low-Medium Density townhouses with a maximum building height of 2 storeys (9.5m high), Reconfiguring a Lot (1 into 9 lots) and local new road.

The development is proposed to be carried out in two stages, including:
Stage 1 – Reconfiguration of a Lot (1 into 9 lots) and new road.
Stage 2 – Multiple Dwelling twenty nine (29) x 4 bedroom townhouses

The proposed subdivided lots:
– One (1) x 400sqm
– Three (3) x 401sqm
– Two (2) x 402sqm
– One (1) x 403sqm
– One (1) x 6145.1sqm

23All dwellings are provided with 143.4sqm of GFA, including private open space in the form of ground level courtyard or first floor balconies, with 515.4sqm (8.4%) of communal recreation area and 18.7% of deep planting provided throughout the site. Approximately 4,158sqm of GFA has been proposed, with approximately 3251.5sqm (52%) of site cover of the 10,135sqm site.

49 car parking spaces (44 dedicated residential spaces, 5 common visitor spaces) are provided with access taken from Hughes Street to the rear of the site. Four (4) new proposed lots and a pedestrian connection are all provided to Landis Street.

[espro-slider id=5652] According to the planners at Town Planning Alliance, “The proposed design reflects a 2 storey built form in keeping with the streetscape local context and approved developments nearby. The proposal achieves a high quality built form outcome that will co-exist comfortably with adjoining uses by providing for a design that supports the residential amenity of the locality and maintains the living conditions of residents with regard to privacy and continued access to the presiding climatic conditions.”.

As the site is in the Emerging Community Area, a structure plan was required to be provided to ensure that development occurs in a logical sequence.


The application was lodged 29 June 2016 @ 67 Landis Street and Hughes Road, McDowall. Source: Report prepared by Town Planning Alliance, Drawings and Architectural design, prepared by WG Architects. All information is available for review from BCC pdonline, see council reference: A004419984 for more information.

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