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219 Multiple Dwellings – Lamington Avenue, Ascot


A change to a development approval has been lodged for multiple dwellings, located at ‘Ascot Aurora’, 104 Lamington Avenue, Ascot.

Designed by BDA Architecture, the proposal seeks to amend an approval for two hundred and nineteen (219) townhouses of a low-medium density, arranged in clusters of 2-7 dwellings in 21 rows over the site.

The townhouse height will be a maximum building height of 3 storeys and the apartment building will be 4 storeys. The proposal seeks to redevelop the site and remove seven small structures and concrete slabs.

Development Details
Dwelling houses on small lots (214 – 270sqm)
− Ten (10) x 4 bedroom dwellings

Multiple dwellings
− Thirty six (36) x 2 bedroom townhouses
− One hundred and ten (110) x 3 bedroom townhouses
− Sixty Three (63) x 4 bedroom townhouses.

Apartment building
− Three (3) x 1 bedroom apartments
− Six (6) x 2 bedroom apartments
− Six (6) x 3 bedroom apartments.

Communal Use
– Communal areas and green space pool
– Swimming pool, spa and amenities
– Village park and pedestrian linkages

Stage 1 (1A – C)
– 47 dwellings to be delivered
– Stage 1A includes the Resident’s Facility
– Stage 1B incorporates the Public Park
– Stage 1C involves the drainage channel
– Car parking: 114 spaces
– Visitor parking: 9 spaces
– Bicycle parking: 26 spaces

Stage 2
– 39 dwellings to be delivered
– Car parking: 78 spaces
– Visitor parking: 15 spaces
– Bicycle parking: 26 spaces

Stage 3
– 35 dwellings to be delivered
– Car parking: 70 spaces
– Visitor parking: 21 spaces
– Bicycle parking: 34 spaces

Stage 4
– 53 dwellings to be delivered
– Primary construction access through stage 4 to be through pocket park area connecting road 3 and road 4
– Car parking: 106 spaces
– Visitor parking: 28 spaces
– Bicycle parking: 50 spaces

Stage 5
– 42 attached, 3 detached and 15 apartments dwellings to be delivered
– The GCB Construction compound will remain until the final buildings of stage 5 are constructed
– Apartment building will be constructed within Stage 5
– Car parking: 90 spaces
– Visitor parking: 33 spaces
– Apartment car parking: 22 car parks and 3 visitor car parks
– Bicycle parking: 98 spaces

The planners at Urbis state, “The proposed staging includes the apartment complex and 219 standard lots ranging from 76m2 –248m2 as well as the required common property being the road infrastructure, pocket parks, visitor car parks, residential facility, community garden that form part of the approval

“To facilitate the delivery of the approved development, the applicant is proposing to amend the approval to enable a staged development process. As a result of staging the development, both in terms of construction and occupation, the existing planning approval will be required to be split into
various stages, with specific approval conditions for each stage. The  proposal will be broken down into five stages”.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 28 September 2021
– Council Reference:  A005844654
– Address: 104 Lamington Avenue, Ascot
– Zone: Emerging Community Area
– Local Plan: None
– Application Report: Urbis
– Master plan Design: BDA Architecture
– Subdivision Plan: East Coast Surveys
– Landscape Plan: Lat 27
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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