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173 Lot Residential Subdivision – Hughes Road East & Keith Road, Dakabin


A development application has been lodged for Reconfiguring of a Lot and Open Space, located at Keith Road, Dakabin.

Designed by Land Partners, the proposal seeks a Reconfiguration of a Lot (1 lot into 173 Lots, Drainage Lot, New Road, Open Space and Balance Lot) over 4 stages.

The proposal also includes clearing of vegetation and earthworks for the overall master plan redevelopment. The proposal is over different portions of the site and provides lots ranging from 225sqm to 615sqm.

– Stage 1: 52 residential lots, open space, new roads and 3 road connection
– Stage 2: 47 residential lots and new roads
– Stage 3: 19 residential lots and new roads
– Stage 4: 25 residential lots, 1 large lot, new roads and 2x intersections.

The proposal includes the removal of the existing dwellings and structures  to facilitate the subdivision. The development provides internal local roads to Essencia Avenue, Antelope Street, Hughes Road East and future adjoining redevelopent.

The planners at Land Partners state, “The premises contains an area of mapped Core Koala Habitat Area towards the northern boundary
of the premises. As detailed within the Ecology Advice, Saunders Havill Group Pty Ltd included in Appendix D, the proposed development will not result in the removal of greater than 500m² of koala habitat area. Further, the proposed development is not considered to interfere with native vegetation within the southern polygon as there is no native vegetation present on-site”.

Open Space Provided

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 14 January 2022
– Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council
– Council Reference: DA/2021/5261
– Address: Keith Road, Dakabin
– Zone: General Residential
– Local Plan: Next Generation neighbourhood
– Application Report: Land Partners
– Subdivision Plan: Land Partners
– Ecology Advice: Saunders Havill Group
– Interactive Image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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