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$15 Million Retail & Dining Expansion – Calamvale Central Shopping Centre


A change to a development application approval has been lodged for an expansion to the existing Shopping Centre ‘Calamvale Central‘, located at 662 Compton Road, Calamvale.

Designed by Buchan Group, the proposal seeks renovations and expansions to the eastern portion of the existing shopping centre, amending the internal layout to create additional retail stores and replace the large Big W tenancy.

Basement Car Parking Changes
– A new basement lobby is incorporated in the eastern area
– New escalator and lift providing improved pedestrian connection
– 26 car spaces removed to facilitate the basement works
– A new pedestrian crossing from the new lobby
– Improve pedestrian movement/safety through the car park
– New trolley bays along the new pedestrian crossing
– Four existing car spaces reconfigured as two PWD spaces
– New storerooms to the north eastern part of the basement.

Basement Demolition Plan

Basement Proposed Layout Plan

Project Details
– Internal renovations/refurbishments and modifications to internal layout
– New casual dining precinct (six new food & drink tenancies)
– New central internal mall area “Calamvale Laneway”
– New amenities and store adjacent to the dining precinct
– New major tenancy
– New mini major tenancy
– Two speciality tenancies access
– New internal mall area
– New escalator and lift between the eastern portion of the shopping centre – – Improved pedestrian connectivity within the centre
– Removal of an existing kiosk tenancy to facilitate the new escalator
– Two new kiosk tenancies.

Calamvale Hotel Refurbishments – Compton Road, Calamvale

Proposed Layout Plan

Retail First and YFG announced the proposal on 4 March 2021, outlining that the new 7,000 square metre redevelopment is aimed to open before Christmas 2021. The internal tenancies design reorientation provides a “market-like” feel and provide direct pedestrian access to the basement car park.

Steven Bridges, Managing Director of Retail First outlined that the new plans for Calamvale Central were well placed to revitalise the shopping centre.

“The proposed changes will allow us to enhance the centre and tenancy mix, creating a new and fresh shopping experience that will deliver different kinds of activities alongside shoppers’ everyday needs”.

“the changes would incorporate a proposed day time/night time laneway precinct, offering fresh food and dining options that will complement the existing retailers”, Mr Bridges said.

Buchan Group design is suggested to portray an “internal streetscape” with the sights and sounds of food being prepared from within the tenancies,  an intimate area for diners who will ultimately become part of the “hustle and bustle” of the laneway concept.

Ms Deanne Woolcock, Calamvale Central’s Centre Manager outlined that it was a step forward for the centre. “This is an exciting opportunity for the Centre. The proposed changes will be the most significant since Calamvale Central opened in 2007 and will embrace the multiculturally diverse mix of the fast-growing community.”

“The Laneway will reflect the locals desire for fresh food, dining and leisure offers in one easy parking, shopping, dining and entertainment precinct”.

Leasing discussions are in the final stages and an impressive tenancy mix is expected to be announced soon.

The proposal seeks to reduce the shopping centre by 910sqm of gross floor area (GFA) to the subject site as part of the proposal.

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The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged: 23 February 2021
– Council Reference: A005668719
– Address: 678 Compton Road, Calamvale
– Zone: District Centre
– Neighbourhood Plan: Algester, Parkinson, Stetton
– Town Planning Report: Town Planning Alliance
– Architecture Drawings: Buchan Group
– Centre Expansion Announcement: Retail First
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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