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157 Townhouses (Stages 1-4) – Carseldine Urban Village


A series of development applications have been lodged during 2020 and 2021 for Multiple Dwellings, forming part of the Carseldine Urban Village, located 520 Beams Road, Carseldine.

Designed by RPS Group, the four stages have been sought to provide one  hundred and fifty seven low-medium density townhouses, arranged in  strips between 9-17 terrace dwellings within 16 buildings.  The buildings have maximum building height of 2-3 storeys and will be placed on their own small lot.

The overall masterplan allows for freehold terrace apartments in a higher
density than the surrounding low density housing. The townhouse have been provided in a range of sizes, style and height to provided a diversity once fully developed.

Approved/Proposed Stages
– 53 Terrace apartments (Stage 1 Approved)
– 48 Terrace apartments (Stage 2 Approved)
– 33 Terrace apartments (Stage 3a Approved)
– 23 Terrace apartments (Stage 4a Lodged)

Each dwelling is provided with private open space in the form of courtyards, terrace and balconies that have been positioned outwards along the site boundaries or facing internally within the site.

Vehicle access is provided to Beams Road via an internal driveway with pedestrian pathway connecting the entire village.

The planners at RPS Group state, “Stage 4A will deliver the next stage of terrace housing within the CV development. The housing type will be comparable to the terrace housing approved as part of CV Stage 1 & 2 and proposed Stage 3, proposing a diverse lot size and scale opposed to the typical suburban residential development; and hence affordable and appealing to a wide demographic”.

“As there is not a large supply of this type of housing in the area, it is
considered it will continue to meet the needs of people over time.
Additionally, Stage 4A is located approximately 300m to the Carseldine
train station and the proposal will provide dedicated cycle and
pedestrian paths, which results in the development being highly

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The Application Information and References
EDQ Reference:
– DEV2019/1074) (Stage 1 Approved – 30 October 2020)
– DEV2020/1118) (Stage 2 Approved – 2 September 2020)
– DEV2021/1183 (Stage 3a Approved – 9 September 2021)
– DEV2021/1228 (Stage 4a Lodged – 14 October 2021)
– Address: 520 Beams Road, Carseldine
– Zone: Mixed Use (Parkside Residential sub-precinct)
– Priority Development Area (PDA): Fitzgibbon
– Application Report: RPS Group
– Design Drawings: RPS Group
– Landscape Drawings: Saunders Havill Group
– Interactive Image: Google Aerial and Streetview

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