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148ha Eco Parkland – Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast


The Queensland State Government has announced it has commenced compulsorily acquisition of 148 hectares of land, located at 107 Piggabeen Road, Currumbin Waters in the Gold Coast,

The land locally known as Martha’s Farm (or Martha’s Vineyard) will be transformed into ‘Currumbin Eco-Parkland’ and be one of the largest eco-parklands in Australia.

Steven Miles, Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development outlined that the State Government was committed to protect the parcel of land at Currumbin Waters.

“We’re delivering on our commitment to protect this important land and transform it into Currumbin Eco Parkland”.

“Not only will this be a new recreational eco-parkland for the community, but it will protect valuable koala habitat as well as local flora and fauna”.

“We listened to community concerns about preserving this unique property, and we have acted on these concerns”.

“This decision also ends 20 years of development uncertainty around the site”.

“Martha’s Farm or Martha’s Vineyard has been subject to several development approvals since the 1980s, with the current approval for 348 residential lots, a marine precinct and artificial lake”.

“It’s a highly constrained site with steep topography and flooding issues, making it difficult to develop, but has some unique features that make it worth preserving and enhancing

“Unfortunately, an agreement has not been reached, and we have had to take further action. We remain open to a commercial resolution with the landowner.” he said.

“If the site is acquired, we will progress short term measures to make the site publicly accessible including construction of an entry road, car parking and amenities, before commencing stakeholder and community consultation to ensure everyone has an opportunity to put their ideas forward about the long-term outcomes for the site,” Mr Miles said.

Currumbin Eco Parkland Details
– 148 hectares of land within the Currumbin Valley
– concept planning for the parkland has commenced
– included are community sporting and recreational elements
– protections for local koala habitats, including fodder eucalypt plantation
–  nature based recreational trails
– opportunities for rehabilitation and eco-tourism.

Meghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment outlined that the State Government was committed to conserving Queensland’s natural areas with more than 1.2 million hectares protected since 2015, including the nearby Merala Nature Refuge, which she visited and announced last week.

“This decision will protect koalas and other local wildlife, stop development from encroaching on the local blackbutt forest and as Queenslanders rekindle their love for their own backyard, encourage more nature-based tourism”.

“Martha’s Vineyard is already popular with hikers and nature-based activities, and we want to not just protect that access but improve it.

“It’ll build on our $60 million commitment to expand Queensland’s protected areas, and adds to our record $1.4 billion budget for the environment and COVID-19 economic recovery.

“Just like the land next door at the Merala Nature Refuge is being restored, we’ll see our rangers protect and preserve this valuable pocket of nature.

“I know we’ll work closely with the City of Gold Coast on this important project – just like we have through our other nature refuges and protected areas,” Minister Scanlon said.

The news was welcomed by Peter Kershaw, President of Friends of Currumbin, a local community group, who had identified Martha’s Vineyard for its environmental preservation and community uses and requested the State Government to step in and preserve the land.

“We are so grateful that the Queensland Government has acted to do the right thing for the community, and our wildlife”.

“Land parcels of this size, with such high biodiversity are very rare on the Gold Coast, which is why we are so passionate about saving it for future generations,” Mr Kershaw said.

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