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Multiple Dwellings – 10 Weyers Road, Nudgee


A development application has been lodged for Multiple Dwellings, located at 10 Weyers Road, Nudgee.
Designed by AR Developments, the proposal seeks to provide eighty two (82) x3 bedroom townhouses of a medium density nature over 3 stages within the Emerging Community Zone.

The townhouses are arranged in variety of buildings formations (combination of duplex, triplex and quad-style arrangements) with a maximum building height of 2 storey (less than 9.5m). Each dwelling is provided with private open space in the form of rear courtyards and balconies. 152 car park spaces (including 82 resident garaged spaces and 78 visitor spaces) with vehicular access taken from Cotterell Crescent (Stages 1 and 2) and Weyers Road when fuller developed.

A 2m wide landscaped strip, visitor parking and internal road are positioned along Weyers Road and the main entrance to accommodate the 10m setback buffer from the Energex electrical transmission easement (required for the overhead power lines).

The proposal provides 4,241sqm of communal open space area, which includes a central recreation area (barbeque, pool and shelter) and other small pockets area. The site cover of approximately 7,133sqm (34.26%) of site cover over the 20,820sqm rectangular shaped site.

Proposed Stage Details
Stage 1
– 35 Townhouses
– Cotterell Crescent access works
– Common road
– 14 visitor parking spaces
– Central communal open space
– Temporary vehicle turning circles

Stage 2
– 25 Townhouses
– Extension of the internal road
– Temporary vehicle turning circles
– 11 visitor parking spaces

Stage 3
– 22 Townhouses
– Extension of the internal road
– Weyers Road access works
– Remainder of the rear communal open space
– 53 visitor parking space

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According to the planners at Wolter Consulting Group, that state, it represents an ideal location for medium density residential development, providing alternative housing choices for the area, and contributing towards the outcomes sought in the neighbourhood plan. The proximity to these services and facilities justifies it an increased density than that usually observed in an Emerging Community location.

 The height and scale of the proposal generally reflects the detached housing development form established in the residential areas to the south and east. This will be furthermore emphasised by the emergence of detached houses on the recently created properties on the adjoining site to the north-east.

 Consistent breaks in building bulk have been provided through limiting the number of consecutively attached unit dwellings. This allows for landscaping and a better degree of privacy throughout the site and contributes to a higher standard of residential amenity.

The traffic engineers at Lambert & Rehbein have assessed the potential impact of the proposed residential development on the external road network. The outline that minor upgrade works at the site frontage to Weyer Road is expected and that “the development provides minor pavement widening, kerb and channel and a pedestrian path on the development road side”. The traffic analysis concludes “the result of the assessment demonstrates that the relatively low volume of development generated traffic should have negligible impact on the operation of the surrounding road network.”

The application was lodged 27 March 2017 @ 10 Weyers Road, Nudgee. Source: Application Report was prepared by Wolter Consulting Group, Traffic Impact Assessment prepared Lambert & Rehbein, Architectural Plans prepared by AR Developments and available for review from BCC pdonline. See Council reference A004614925 for more information. Google Streetview for street image.

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