New Administration Building and Refurbishments – St Peter Claver College, Old Ipswich Road, Riverview


A development application has been lodged for extensions to an existing Community Use (School) in the form of a new Administration Building and Refurbishments of the existing administration building, located at St Peter Claver College, 10 Old Ipswich Road, Riverview.

Designed by Carol Dowd Architects, the proposal is for a new administration building within the south western portion of the school grounds and range of improvements including the refurbishment of the existing administration building. The maximum building height is 3 storey (approximately 8.8m).

The proposal will provide additional car parking and amended onsite vehicular maneuvering arrangements. 19 car park spaces including one (1) x PWD parking space are provided within undercroft building basement, with the main access proposed via new driveway connection to Old Ipswich Road. Pedestrian access is provided to Crawford Street. The existing seventeen (17) parking bays in front of the existing administration building will be demolished to facilitate the proposed development.

Proposed Building Work (Existing Building)
– Tuck-shop, uniform shop and amenities
– Student services and staff prep area
– Store and IT

New administration building
– School administration, print area, foyer/lobby
– Meeting, board and conference rooms
– Teacher offices, rooms, kitchen and amenities.
– Decking, stairs and lift
– Covered external walkway
– Building Link
– Façade Screening
– Basement

Other facilities/elements
– New footpath stairs/ramp entrance beside the new building
– Vehicle and emergency service courtyard
– Existing paving areas removed and the new concrete and bitumen installed
– Landscaping includes garden beds and enhancement of existing landscaped areas.

The planners at Duggan & Hede state, “the site is a consistent and compatible use within the context of the existing use of the site and long term established adjoining land uses. The new administration building is of a scale, design and character that will not impose unreasonable adverse impacts on and are compatible with the existing and likely future amenity of nearby areas. There would be no perceived adverse impacts on the amenity of the area as a consequence of the natural and progressive development of the site for as an educational institution”.

The proposal is for 794sqm of additional GFA to the existing school over the 10.41 Ha site.

The Application Information and References
– Date Lodged 28 September 2017
– Council: Ipswich City Council
– Council Reference: MCU-7990/2017
– Address: 10 Old Ipswich Road, Riverview
– Zone: Special Uses (SU07 – Place of Worship / Educational Establishment)
– Neighbourhood Plan: N/A
– Application Report: Duggan & Hede
– Design Drawings: Carol Dowd Architect
– Landscape Design: Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architect

Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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