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1000 Bed Quarantine Facility – Wellcamp Airport, Toowoomba


The State Government has announced the a joint agreement has been signed with the Wagner Corporation to establish a Quarantine Facility at Wellcamp, Toowoomba.

Wellcamp Airport site

The new facility will be located approximately 130 kilometres west of Brisbane, within minutes of the Wellcamp airport.

Proposed Facility Details
– Wagner to build on owned land
– State Government administered
– 1 year lease signed
– 1000+ beds over 2 stages
– similar to Northern Territory Howard Springs facility
– accommodation modules built in Queensland.
– within the airport secure site and a rural area
– proximity to the Wellcamp airport
– proximity to regional hospitals
– stage 1 constructed by Christmas 2021
– stage 2 constructed by Easter 2022.

The Queensland Government recent supported the federal governments proposal for a Brisbane based quarantine facility at Damascus Barracks, Pinkenba in north Brisbane.

Wellcamp Airport

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier outlined that it was obvious that there was a clear urgent need for more fit-for-purpose quarantine facilities throughout Australia.

“This is further action my government is taking to keep Queenslanders safe”.

“As Australia contends with the dangerous Delta variant, Queensland must have alternatives to hotel quarantine that offer enhanced public safety”.

“That’s why we’re getting on with building the Queensland Regional Accommodation Centre, a 1000-bed, dedicated facility near Wellcamp airport that will greatly reduce reliance on hotel quarantine”.

“This decisive action will keep Queenslanders safe and support our economic recovery to keep people in jobs”, the  premier said.

Wellcamp Terminal

Wagner Corporation expects the first stage of the facility to be delivered for use by the end of 2021.

Steven Miles, Deputy Premier outlined that the State Government had been calling for a dedicated regional quarantine facility to be built in Queensland since January 2021.

“Following countless leaks from the nation’s hotel quarantine system, it’s clear there is an urgent need for alternative facilities in Australia”.

“We need a facility like this urgently, and the Wellcamp proposal will be ready months before any other proposed facility in Queensland”.

“Quarantine facilities will remain one of Australia’s frontline defences in preventing deadly new strains of COVID-19 from entering our community”.

“This facility will help Queensland to continue to open up and avoid expensive lockdowns”.

“The Queensland Government will continue to work collaboratively to progress the Commonwealth’s Pinkenba facility, but we need more options to get returning Australians home safer,” Mr Miles said.

Early Site Earthworks

Yvette D’Ath, Minister for Health outlined how the new facility would help continue to keep Queenslanders safe.

“With more than one facility in Queensland, we will be greatly reducing our reliance on hotel quarantine”.

That means a lower risk of COVID spreading from facilities that were never designed for secured quarantining,” Minister D’Ath said.

Entrance Sign to Wellcamp Aiport

John Wagner outlined how the facility would create local jobs.

“Just by the fact that we have to produce 3,000 meals a day, [the region] will really benefit from this”.

“As the landlord of this facility to the Queensland government, we are working through the final design criteria to make sure that we have the best fit-for-purpose regional accommodation facility for return travellers that there is in the country or in fact the world,” he said.

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Source: Information, Drawings and Images
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– Media Statement: Government regional quarantine facility to keep Queenslanders safe
– Address: Wellcamp, Toowoomba
Interactive Image: Google Article and Streetview

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